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Advice, safety regulations and basic technique to familiarise yourself with the world of Practical Shooting.
With all the experience of Mario Riillo and Edoardo Buticchi.

For all those with a passion for pistols there is a novelty. A new work is available from Arcimbold Eurobusiness entirely dedicated to Practical Shooting. The safety regulations, technique and training methods to better understand this sporting discipline.

Edoardo Buticchi and Mario Riillo, international shooting champions and instructors, freely and expertly lead us through the fundamentals of Practical Shooting to pass on the discipline and explain the right approach needed for both weapon and sporting activity. Quickness of reflex, speed, dexterity and precision are the main characteristics, but greater attention must also be given to safety when handling a weapon, because “an unsafe shooter is not an IPSC shooter”.
This concept is strongly underlined in the DVD.

This new Arcimbold multimedia product, viewable in 5 languages, covers the subjects needed to begin practicing Practical Shooting.

The Chapters:
Practical Shooting,
The divisions,
The targets,
The equipment
The technique.

Over 60 minutes of images and description produced with expertise and clarity in both the approach and practical demonstration.

Sponsors of the project are leading names in the armoury sector:

Ghost International,
Brixia Shooting Store
and APG.

The DVD VIDEO can be consulted in 5 languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish and German.
Price: 20€ / 28\$
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